"NeuralResearch" is an innovative startup that operates in the research and development sector of new neural simulation algorithms. It creates software applications of Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and Artificial Intelligence applied to BigData.

Cloud Europe hosts and operates modular infrastructure for client data centers in the private and public sector. It provides cutting-edge services, characterized by the highest safety and quality standards and is aimed at organizations operating in the financial and insurance world and in general to all those organizations that have business continuity management as their strategic policy.

Opera nel settore della produzione, progettazione, realizzazione e vendita di applicativi software ed hardware altamente innovativi, prevalentemente basati sulla simulazione delle reti neurali, sulla logica fuzzy, sugli algoritmi genetici, sui modelli statistici e sulla simulazione dei modelli caotici non lineari. Realizza sistemi software ed hardware prevalentemente, nel campo della visione artificiale e dell'analisi delle immagini biomedicali;

"Aten Is Srl Marketing & Management" operates: in the elaboration, drafting and presentation, coordination and administrative management of R&D projects and requests for financing for start-up and business networks; in the development of the internationalization process of SMEs and Business Networks through the creation of a commercial network on an international scale; in the design, development and integration of electronic, IT, satellite navigation and telecommunication systems in the space, avionics, naval and terrestrial fields.

The "Fondazione EBRI" Rita Levi-Montalcini "is an institute dedicated to the study of the nervous system, in particular to basic and applied research in the field of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. national and international projects, with public and private bodies, in an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates skills in biology, physiology, biochemistry, genomics, bioinformatics.

BSD is a research and design studio active since 1990. Its founders are among the leading experts in Human-Machine Interaction, Human Factors and Ergonomics, and Interaction Design. BSD maximizes the potential of its clients through innovative design and research projects.




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